People are your company’s DNA

I went to a talk given by the head of HR at a hot tech start up who spoke about their hiring practices. He spoke of how critical it was to hire “epic” employees that make a company a success. This means  not only the ability to do your job well but to have a passion for it. Curiosity is what drives the positive changes within a culture and it is this learning mindset that is a must to align with a creative, ever changing culture of a successful brand.

The culture in a company is not a stagnant museum piece but is a living, breathing, ever changing DNA. Companies grow, visions expand and people need the ability to grow with the brand. The necessity to scale with change and adapt to the growth of a brand is the definition of epic.

Authenticity in a highly collaborative culture is key to engaging the changes of the evolving DNA. Having a feedback culture is a powerful way to ensure authenticity of the people who are the brand. Through balanced, honest feedback you can build the strands within the brand so that all those representing your company are on message.

Hire epic employees but do not assume they will remain epic without a framework build into the projected growth of the company to allow them to retain their passion.

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