Mom does know Best

It turns out that our mom’s were correct when it comes to behaviors. We scowled, rolled our eyes and pouted but in the end her persistence in manners and mannerisms were spot on.

Do these words sound familiar?

Look a person in the eye.

Shake their hand.

Stand up straight.


Speak with a clear voice.

Dont’t fidget.

Each of these thoughtful reminders works in our daily interactions both business and personal. You have 2-3 sec to make a first impression. In that short amount of time body language is key. Good posture, eye contact, no fidgeting with your hands, and a strong handshake will give you the necessary credibility. When you speak don’t use filler words (um’s & uh’s) and smile to evoke likability. This will show conviction and build trust with your listener.

Now go call your mom and tell her she was right!

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