Thanks-giving speech

With Thanksgiving coming up this week I thought it helpful to give you some hints on how to give the best speech of thanks.

1. Make it about your listeners

Example; “I’d like to thank my family who make me feel loved and appreciated.” vs “My family is special because their hearts are full of love and they go out of their way to make people including myself feel appreciated.” See the difference? One is about you and the other about THEM.

2. Be authentic

If you are going to thank people then do it with commitment. Use a strong voice to convey conviction and a pause at the end of each sentence to highlight the importance of each personal anecdote. It’s the “umph” in how you say things that make people feel that you mean what you say.

3. Use emotion

Best way is to tell a story. Think of all that has happened this year and what stands out. Tell a story that involves the people at the table.

Example; My six year old son told me “I love you so much, as much as all the numbers” and I give thanks to his open heart and endless smiles.

Native Americans have a saying, “give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” May you have a warm Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and a winning football team!