How to Define a Role Model

This week my family and I attended Holiday Heroes, an event by the Wender Weis Foundation  for Children. Their goal is to turn “at risk kids into risk takers” through various sports programs.

Brandi Chastain was given the “Inspiration Award” for her work with young girls. She got up to speak and was the definition of a role model. Brandi was dynamic, funny, eloquent and most of all authentic. She spent time with each girl that came up to speak with her, posing for photos, giving autographs but more than that she gave encouragement and attention to each little person who sought her out.

Having the ability to increase the self esteem of young people is a great gift and one that very few possess.

Role models are rare. Defining who is a role model is difficult. It was unique to see a person who so easily takes on the title and has the charm, talent and affect to pull it off.

How do you define a role model?

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