Communicating w/ Control in a Group Text

Conversations over text can quickly deteriorate due to miscommunication or mis-reading of tone. That is nothing compared to the world of group text where the possibility of a misunderstanding just multiplied..exponentially.

Be Focused

Select with care. Consider if all of the people really need to be on the group text.

Determine up front the purpose of the group being on the text.

State the action are you asking everyone to take from the text.

Be Kind

You need to be the moderator if you have started a group text.

If tone and topic deteriorate then you need to private message the initiator of the group message to remind them to get back on track.

Tone is difficult to discern in text, think through your content before you hit send.

Be Brief

(KISS) Keep It Simple Sweetheart..Do not use group text to formulate business decisions or long rage plans. It is a tool for immediate feedback on short term planning.

If the conversation goes off topic take it off line and bring the listeners back to the task at hand.

Make group text work for you, not take you hostage.

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