Kill Your Filler Words

The use of language dictates how you are perceived by others. The way you speak can determine if you are seen as a subject matter expert or come across unsure of the messages you deliver. There are words which make an impact on your audience and there are filler words that cast doubt on your credibility.

Step One:

The best way to find out if you are using words that steal your confidence is to ask a trusted person to listen actively to your speech patterns. If you do not feel comfortable with another person, record yourself on your phone when in a meeting or presentation. Listen actively to the filler words you use. Once you know your culprit words then the hard work starts. You need to eliminate those words from your speech entirely.

Step Two:

To replace filler words you need to become comfortable with using a pause in your speech pattern. Think of the pause as you would a comma, period or exclamation point in a written sentence. Insert the pause in places where you use filler words as a crutch.

Step Thee:

Showcase your confidence and be seen as a star speaker.