Listen to Your Eyes

When preparing for a presentation words tend to be on the forefront of your mind. ”What am I going to say?” The words are what most consumes time and it is the words that we become tied to. What if what we said mattered less than we think to our audience? what if how we say it is the most important part of a presentation?

In the book “Silent Messages” Prof. Albert Mehrabian explains how the content of our messages counts for 7% of the audiences experience when connected to the verbal and visual of the presenter. If how we say the words counts as 93% of what is remembered of us, then we need to prepare differently.

An inconsistent message can derail your presentation. This is where the words you say do not match the behaviors you exhibit. If you tell someone that you are “excited” to present the quarterly earnings but you say it in a monotone voice with no smile, then what the audience will believe is their eyes & ears.

Behaviors are crucial in how you build your public presence brand. You need to have consistency in how you come across with what you say. There are five major behaviors that affect a presenters brand. They are published and espoused in many books and programs.

eye communication


gestures & facial expressions

vocal projection


Using these five behaviors to show yourself as a confident and credible presenter will give you a strong personal brand. Behaviors will make the words you say matter, and will influence your audience.

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