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Curate Your Personal Brand

We are a scroll society. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information being presented on the multiple forms of social media people use. We flick through images, headlines, shares and articles daily.

You want people to stop and read what you put out there. You need to get your target audience to stop and read your message. One way is to simplify you message and curate what you post.

Social media is still media, it is a crucial way to get yourself in front of people. Even though you are not in front of your audience, it is still all about the experience you create. If you do not carefully choose to influence through your messaging all you will do is inform, or be scrolled by.

A museum does not put out every piece of art they own. They curate. An exhibit does not accept everyone. They curate. If you re-post or share every piece of content then you will loose your audience. It is not just over posting, it’s overwhelming.

Pick with a brutal eye what you will post. Make sure the content is relevant to your key audience. Add a visual to engage and be memorable. Your online presence is a big part of building your personal brand.

Be the curator of your public presence online.