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Authentic Leadership

Authenticity is a critical trait in your public presence because it is what defines a great leader. It is the way you can separate people by those who say what you want to hear vs what they believe. Leaders that are authentic say words with conviction, passion and determination. Authentic leaders are genuine and are […]


Confidence is contagious. People who exhibit confidence in what they are doing & saying are more likely to have others believe and trust in them. What you need to gain confidence in your public presence is feedback not validation. In the history of public speaking nobody has ever improved by being told “that was good.” […]

There is no “I” in Leader

Today listen to people speak and count how many times you hear “I” in the conversation. “I think”, “I believe”, “I want.” The use of “I”  undermines your leadership potential. When crating your messages make them about your listener. When the message is about those you are trying to impact then it has a better […]

The “Shark Tank” Pitch

Have you watched Shark Tank? We are addicted to this show in our entrepreneurial family. The premise is that people pitch their business ideas to five top investors who are entrepreneurs themselves. The most uncomfortable presentations, when people look nervous, lack focus and important information is not conveyed, lead to lost credibility and ultimately lost […]

How to Define a Role Model

This week my family and I attended Holiday Heroes, an event by the Wender Weis Foundation  for Children. Their goal is to turn “at risk kids into risk takers” through various sports programs. Brandi Chastain was given the “Inspiration Award” for her work with young girls. She got up to speak and was the definition […]

People dna

People are your company’s DNA

I went to a talk given by the head of HR at a hot tech start up who spoke about their hiring practices. He spoke of how critical it was to hire “epic” employees that make a company a success. This means  not only the ability to do your job well but to have a passion […]