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Authenticity is a critical trait in your public presence because it is what defines a great leader. It is the way you can separate people by those who say what you want to hear vs what they believe. Leaders that are authentic say words with conviction, passion and determination.

Authentic leaders are genuine and are aware of how they affect others. They are able to encourage and support their team because of confidence in themselves.

Authentic leaders are focused on results. They set specific goals with measurable action steps. When you hear an authentic leader speak they make the subject matter about the audience they are trying to influence and not themselves.

Authentic leaders involve their audience with emotion and not only facts. They are concerned with engaging the heart of the group and not just give our facts. They follow a guiding set of empowering principles vs micromanaging. It’s about inspiring others, not talking at them.

Keep in mind that authentic leadership emerges from your life experiences. Use stories from your life as examples to better connect with the people you want to influence. It is leading by example in the form of stories that is most compelling.

  1. Start a story journal. Write down things that have an emotional impact on you. Use the journal as a reference tool for putting together compelling messages. These stories will add to showcasing your authenticity and add memorability to the content you deliver.
  1. Make your next presentation about the audience. Take out the “I” and replace it with a “you” or “we.” Stand out by reframing your message to involve those you are speaking with.
  1. Give accountably to your messages. Leave your audience with a specific action that they can take. Make it something that has a deadline to which you can have follow up.
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Don’t Stop Investing in Yourself Mon, 17 Nov 2014 19:25:24 +0000 I have two children who are both involved in a variety of activities that all include having a coach. The coach teaches them skills that they use both for the sport and life. Why do we invest so heavily in those that are young but then stop investing in ourselves as we get older?

Mentoring & coaching is as critical to you now as it was when you were young. Having a trusted advisor to help guide you through the business struggles you face can be the difference between success and failure.

If you have a high level position in a company it is likely that you will never know the truth about how you come across to those you work with. People will not tell you if your presentation was terrible or that you give them mixed messages. When asking for feedback you will be greeted with a smile and “that was good.” Sometime what you most need to hear is the truth because that is the only way we can improve. If you are just entering the work force it is likely that you will be judged on your daily performance well before an actual review. Who, other than a coach or mentor will show you were you need improvement but also highlight the area’s you excel?

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