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Don’t Read the Audience

People say that they have the skill to read an audience. They can adapt to the room and adjust themselves and their messages accordingly. What if the audience is bored, tired, skeptical or distracted? Accommodating does not help you. In fact this mindset of relinquishing control of an audience can put a speaker at an […]

Start Where You Are

It does not matter if you are at the beginning of your career or are at the top of your field. It is never to early or too late to become your best self. The skills of having a strong public presence can help you in all areas of your life. It is exhibiting behaviors […]

Keep the Main thing the Main thing

Don’t loose your audience. Start with the main thing, the core message. Begin all of your communications with the key message and stay on point. If you remove the supporting evidence, the details and start with the key to the message, be it on e-mail, in a meeting or a presentation, then your audience will […]

Choice Paralysis

It’s called “choice paralysis” and what occurs is that your brain is working so fast & can go in so many directions that it feels that it just goes blank. It does not go blank. The thing to do is to take a breath & start talking. Just beginning to speak will kick you into […]

Kill Your Filler Words

The use of language dictates how you are perceived by others. The way you speak can determine if you are seen as a subject matter expert or come across unsure of the messages you deliver. There are words which make an impact on your audience and there are filler words that cast doubt on your credibility. Step One: […]

Communicating w/ Control in a Group Text

Conversations over text can quickly deteriorate due to miscommunication or mis-reading of tone. That is nothing compared to the world of group text where the possibility of a misunderstanding just multiplied..exponentially. Be Focused Select with care. Consider if all of the people really need to be on the group text. Determine up front the purpose […]

Your public presence extends to social media.

What you say ion the Internet, a Facebook post, a Tweet or an Instagram photo is the public presence footprint that you leave forever in the world. The New York Times recently did a piece where they followed up on Justine Sacco, who’s life was turned upside down after she tweeted “Going to Africa. Hope […]