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I was running a workshop for 500 people in Las Vegas. The time slot was 1-5pm. The audience dragged themselves into the room after a big buffet lunch in a food coma. In they shuffled to the big conference room, with the fluorescent lighting. I could almost hear the groans as they sat down to “sit through” another presentation as thoughts of that nights entertainment filled their minds. If I had read the audience as low energy and modified my behaviors accordingly then it would have been one room napping within a few minutes. Instead I used behaviors to engage, motivate and energize. Key behaviors to pushing out energy are purposeful movement, gestures and vocal variety. Using those to invigorate the audience was key to waking everyone up and galvanizing them to stay involved. 

If you “read the audience” and accommodate, then you put them in charge of their experience. If you inspire with your energy, and storytelling then you become the influencer.

Keep in mind that any audience is a compilation of people. They are human beings with emotions, attention spans, biases and empathy. We often lump them into a group and forget that we, the speaker, are responsible for their experience. We need to entertain, engage, educate and make it compelling to be remembered.

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Start Where You Are http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/06/start-where-you-are/ http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/06/start-where-you-are/#respond Mon, 29 Jun 2015 20:27:01 +0000 http://publicpresenceagency.com/?p=121 It does not matter if you are at the beginning of your career or are at the top of your field. It is never to early or too late to become your best self. The skills of having a strong public presence can help you in all areas of your life. It is exhibiting behaviors that make you shine and delivering compelling content that makes people want to take action.

I have worked with kids from the age of 9 to CEO’s of global corporations and the same principles apply to both.Your personal brand is the entire experience you create for people. How you speak, hold yourself, and the memorability of your message are critical in making your best self stand out.

Don’t hesitate because you think the timing is not ideal. Start where you are & begin to be seen exactly how you want to be seen.

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Keep the Main thing the Main thing http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/06/keep-the-main-thing-the-main-thing/ http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/06/keep-the-main-thing-the-main-thing/#respond Mon, 22 Jun 2015 18:23:24 +0000 http://publicpresenceagency.com/?p=117 Don’t loose your audience. Start with the main thing, the core message. Begin all of your communications with the key message and stay on point.

If you remove the supporting evidence, the details and start with the key to the message, be it on e-mail, in a meeting or a presentation, then your audience will be engaged and likely to retain the information presented.

Journalists often use the method of the inverted pyramid and front-load their story, putting the essential and most attention-grabbing elements first. The least important information is left for the bottom. You can do the same when putting messaging together by keeping the main thing the main thing.

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Choice Paralysis http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/05/choice-paralysis/ http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/05/choice-paralysis/#respond Wed, 20 May 2015 17:28:03 +0000 http://publicpresenceagency.com/?p=113 It’s called “choice paralysis” and what occurs is that your brain is working so fast & can go in so many directions that it feels that it just goes blank. It does not go blank. The thing to do is to take a breath & start talking. Just beginning to speak will kick you into gear and then you can find your way to the point you are trying to make.

When put in a stressful situation our instinct as humans is to take flight or stay & fight. Public speaking forces one into staying & fighting. Remember that the audience is not adversarial, they want a dynamic presenter. They are rooting for you to succeed.

Take these three steps before getting up to speak:

1. take two deep breaths to calm yourself

2. squeeze your hands together a few times to move the adrenaline through your body

3. be positive to yourself in your mind..work yourself up, not down.

]]> http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/05/choice-paralysis/feed/ 0 Kill Your Filler Words http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/04/kill-your-filler-words/ http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/04/kill-your-filler-words/#respond Thu, 30 Apr 2015 17:32:16 +0000 http://publicpresenceagency.com/?p=108 The use of language dictates how you are perceived by others. The way you speak can determine if you are seen as a subject matter expert or come across unsure of the messages you deliver. There are words which make an impact on your audience and there are filler words that cast doubt on your credibility.

Step One:

The best way to find out if you are using words that steal your confidence is to ask a trusted person to listen actively to your speech patterns. If you do not feel comfortable with another person, record yourself on your phone when in a meeting or presentation. Listen actively to the filler words you use. Once you know your culprit words then the hard work starts. You need to eliminate those words from your speech entirely.

Step Two:

To replace filler words you need to become comfortable with using a pause in your speech pattern. Think of the pause as you would a comma, period or exclamation point in a written sentence. Insert the pause in places where you use filler words as a crutch.

Step Thee:

Showcase your confidence and be seen as a star speaker.

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Communicating w/ Control in a Group Text http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/03/communicating-w-control-in-a-group-text/ http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/03/communicating-w-control-in-a-group-text/#respond Tue, 10 Mar 2015 17:15:15 +0000 http://publicpresenceagency.com/?p=102 Conversations over text can quickly deteriorate due to miscommunication or mis-reading of tone. That is nothing compared to the world of group text where the possibility of a misunderstanding just multiplied..exponentially.

Be Focused

Select with care. Consider if all of the people really need to be on the group text.

Determine up front the purpose of the group being on the text.

State the action are you asking everyone to take from the text.

Be Kind

You need to be the moderator if you have started a group text.

If tone and topic deteriorate then you need to private message the initiator of the group message to remind them to get back on track.

Tone is difficult to discern in text, think through your content before you hit send.

Be Brief

(KISS) Keep It Simple Sweetheart..Do not use group text to formulate business decisions or long rage plans. It is a tool for immediate feedback on short term planning.

If the conversation goes off topic take it off line and bring the listeners back to the task at hand.

Make group text work for you, not take you hostage.

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Your public presence extends to social media. http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/02/your-public-presence-extends-to-social-media/ http://publicpresenceagency.com/2015/02/your-public-presence-extends-to-social-media/#respond Thu, 26 Feb 2015 21:52:10 +0000 http://publicpresenceagency.com/?p=98 What you say ion the Internet, a Facebook post, a Tweet or an Instagram photo is the public presence footprint that you leave forever in the world.

The New York Times recently did a piece where they followed up on Justine Sacco, who’s life was turned upside down after she tweeted “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” before getting on an 11 hour flight. How different would her life had been had she thought through this tweet from the perspective of her boss, who fired her as soon as she arrived in South Africa, or her family, who were mortified because of their work against apartheid.


This is an extreme example because of the visceral worldwide reaction, but it shows that our words can have a lasting impact upon our lives. This is where messaging is key.

1. Use the Point of View of the audience to define your key message. Why should they be interested in what you have to say.

2. Ask if your content goes towards building a strong personal brand or could undermine how you want others to see you. 

When in doubt don’t post & move on with your day!

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